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Commercial Roof Cleaning & Repair

Chicago’s Best Roof Repair Experts

If you are reading this from Chicago or have spent any amount of time there (other than our incredible summer seasons, of course), then you know how harsh the winds really can be. We didn’t get that nickname for any other reason than the sometimes very strong and harsh wind we receive from the Great Lake. Even the world’s toughest buildings can only hold their ground for so long in such intense conditions and the brutal winters we are prone to get are no help.

“Well, you are in luck!”

If you have found some damage to the roof of your building then you are fortunate to have found us! The sooner you address any potential threat to your roof then the much less likely you will need to have a whole roof replacement in the future, which needless to say is going to cost you a lot more money and time.

“So, why us?”

Well for one, this is a roofing company who has seen it all. As you know, we have gotten all of our experience as a commercial roofing company from working on some of the most magnificent buildings in the whole world. While working directly with business owners and building architects of varying levels, we have performed roof repairs for any and all flat commercial roof types and materials. From steel to metal to rubber, we have the supply and the manpower to perform repairs of any size to any flat roof material!

Along with commercial roof repairs, we also offer cleaning services as well. This goes for skyscrapers as well as low level office buildings.

For the low level owners or building managers, we clean and maintain any roofing and gutter system for any building structure. Your gutters are the next line of protection against Chicago’s harsh winds and are often neglected. Well the luck just keeps on coming for you because unlike other roofing companies around, we make sure to keep the inventory on hand we need to perform these services as well.

If this is something your new to, you can check out a number of informative websites like this to walk you through it. Even though these are residential gutter types, commercial types are generally made of the same material so it can still be a helpful tool. Since this isn’t our specialty we won’t go into too much detail, but if you would like to see some of what we carry you can check out one of our suppliers in a near suburb here for gutter cleaning & repair products that we offer!

In addition to our experience and expertise, we are going to guarantee the lowest prices in the city!

“So how are we going to do that you ask?”

The first and easiest way for you to get the lowest prices around is to simply get in contact with us today and have one of our contractors come out to perform a roof performance evaluation at absolutely no cost! We like to lay out everything on the table and let you know what the fastest, easiest, and most affordable route for you to take will be and make sure you are confident in what we have to say.

If you aren’t convinced by that point, we encourage you to give other roofing companies a call and have them come do their evaluation and see what they have to say. If they give you a written statement that is lower than ours, then we will knock off an additional 10% of the competitors price to make up for the trouble you went through!